Villa la Pietra


Florence is known for its villas which reside on low hills that surround the city for centuries. These villas are known as places of retreat for rulers and poets in Renaissance Florence. At the beginning of the twentieth century many prominent Americans and Brits moved to Florence. Among these was Sir Harold Acton who bought Villa la Pietra.

The villa and its 23 hectar property estate was bequeathed to New York University by Sir Harold Acton. It is used by the university for academic undergraduate programs as well of outside conferences and tours.

The villa houses an eclectic collection of art from all around the world gathered Harold Acton. A long cypress avenue connects the entrance of the estate to the house itself. The garden that surrounds the villa is designed in a renaissance Italian fashion and contains a large collection of statues Arthur Acton collected, many by Orazio Marinali from Vicenza and Antonio Bonazza from Padua.

Villa la Pietra is a short walk from Villa di Montughi.