Villa Petraia


Villa Petraia is one of the most attractive of the Medici villas, both on account of its position in the Tuscan landscape, and for its fine pictorial decoration and the beauty of its garden and park.

Situated on the outskirts of Florence, a 15 minute drive from Villa Montughi, it is a typical Tuscan villa where the Grand-ducal family would retire from the city.

Originally an ancient fortified residence, which preserves its great tower, it was enlarged at the end of the 16th century to create the present villa with its beautifully designed terraced garden.

The courtyard of the villa, which was roofed over in the 19th century, is decorated with frescoes by Volterrano and Cosimo Daddi. The famous bronze statue of Venus/Florence by Giambologna, which originally stood above the fountain in the garden of the Medici Villa of Castello, is now exhibited inside.

The Villa and its gardens are open to the public.

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