Studio Romanelli

Studio Galleria Romanelli is one of the oldest active sculpture studios in Europe. It is located in the oltrarno District, the artistic heart of the city.

The studio’s tradition began nearly 200 years ago with Lorenzo Bartolini (1777-1850) and has continued until today through five generations of Romanelli Sculptors. Pasquale Romanelli (1812-1887), was Bartolini’s favourite pupil and became his successor in the direction of the atelier. He was succeeded by his son Raffaello Romanelli (1856-1928), followed by Romano Romanelli (1882-1968), then Folco and currently Raffaello and Vincenzo Romanelli, who supervise the production and welcomes their clients to discuss bespoke projects.

An active tradition of the the Gallery is the production of publicly and privately commissioned works, ranging from portraits to grand monuments. Raffaello specialises in portraiture and bust commissions. Vincenzo specializes in animal sculpting.

The Gallery sells original Romanelli artwork in addition to reproductions from its collection of models. All artwork is made according to Italian traditional techniques: ‘lost-wax’ casting for bronze sculptures and hand carving for marble.

The studio also offers sculpture classes, clay modelling, plaster casting and marble sculpting. Short courses, bespoke projects and family workshops are also offered.