Street Food

Every region, town and village in Italy venerates its own traditional cooking and speciality dishes. The origins of each traditional dish can be traced back to whatever the region’s local resources had to offer.

Florence is no exception and among its much loved street food dishes is trippa (tripe) and lampredotto (reed tripe). A poor man’s dish dating back to the 15th Century, you will come across many trippai (tripe stalls) selling lampredotto sandwiches for around €3.

Our favourite one is Marione’s stall in Piazza Porta Romana. Besides the obligatory Panino al Lampredotto (ask for it bagnato, con tutto) his wife also serves plates of trippa al inzimino (in a spinach sauce), ai carciofi (with artichoks when in season), alla livornese (in a tomato sauce) and coi fagioli (with beans, a staple Tuscan ingredient).

On Tuesday’s they serve their extraordinary bollito misto: mixed boiled meats. And Thursday’s it’s stracotto: beef cheek stew so soft you barely need to chew.