Olghina’s cooking and magical touch

I’m not a conventional cook. I’m a passionate home cuoca with an eye for decoration, colours and a passion for everything that revolves around the dinner table. 

I owe my cooking knowledge to the beloved cooks who lived with my family when I was a child. Growing up, I took professional cooking classes in french or italian cuisine, as well as pastry classes. 

Cooking has become a way to nourish the people around me in every way. I always use the best products that nature provides throughout the seasons. And I love to play with colourful ingredients and prepare attractive meals.

My aim is to make my guests feel comfortable and savour every spice and ingredient I use.

Having travelled extensively I have enjoyed numerous cuisines and have learnt to mix flavours accordingly. But above all, seasonality plays a central role in all my cooking. 

In general what I cook has a tendency to be homebred, rounded, delicate and healthy.