Florentine Artisan Studios


Antico Setificio Fiorentino – Weaver
Founded in Florence in the Eighteenth century, Antico Setificio Fiorentino is located in the heart of the San Frediano quarter. Following tradition, it weaves made-to-measure fabrics on antique looms.

Antico Setificio website

Lorenzo Villoresi – Perfumer
Lorenzo Villoresi (born 1956) is a perfumer in Florence, Italy. His study and travel in the Middle East influenced his work. Some of his most important fragrances are oriental perfumes of spices, amber, incense, resins, vanilla and sandalwoods. He continues in the tradition of perfumery in Florence, arguably where modern perfume making began.

Lorenzo Villarosi website

Argenteria Pagliai – Silversmith
Argenteria Pagliai is a family owned business which has operated in Florence for the past century.  They restore antiques for private owners and institutions. Along with the production of unique pieces, Pagliai sells antique Italian, Continental and English Silver as well as Sheffield Silver Plate.  Argenteria Pagliai is truly special place, not to mention Raffaella Pagliai’s delightful charm.

Argenteria Pagliai website

Vetreria Locchi – Glassmaker
Vetreria Locchi is a veritable Florentine institution. They have been restoring, grinding and carving crystal objects since the nineteenth century, when the family was commissioned work by the Grand Duke of Tuscany. Since then, they have restored countless goblets, bowls, cruets, salt-cellars, precious Murano- glass chandeliers.

Vetreria Locchi website