Fiesole is a 10 minute car ride form Villa Montughi. It was probably founded in the 9th-8th century BC. The first recorded mention on the town dates to 283 BC, when the town was conquered by the Romans. In antiquity it was the seat of a famous school of augurs, and every year twelve young men were sent from Rome to study the art of divination.

In 406 Fiesole was the scene of Stilicho’s great victory over the Germanic hordes of the Vandals and Suebi under Radagaisus. During the Gothic War (536-53) the town was besiegedseveral times. In 539 Justinius captured it and razed its fortifications.

In the early Middle Ages it was an independent town often vying for power with Florence in the valley below. In 1010 and 1025 Fiesole was sacked by the Florentines, before it was conquered by Florence in 1125. Dante reflects this rivalry in his Divine Comedy by referring to “the beasts of Fiesole.”

By the 14th century, rich Florentines had countryside villas in Fiesole, and one of them is the setting of the frame narrative of the Decameron. We highly recommend a visiting Fiesole, its roman amphitheatre and the museum of Etruscan art.